As a well-known and experienced company Nexus CB through the years of efficient work has gained a great network of connections. We work closely with such government departments as Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and etc. During our participation in EU promotional programs we also built strong relationships with Brussels government departments and their representatives.


Our approach to communication strategy reflects those values and leverages that experience.

We are not typical communication agency but we are a network of proven communication professionals who are intellectually curious and focused on applying our experience and knowledge to find the communication solutions right for each individual client. We understand the challenges and pressure that business leaders face, and we work with clients to find answers to their questions and issues that are not just right, but possible-answers that aren’t prepackaged – answers that fit each client’s unique needs and circumstances – answers that actually work.

We seek to work with ideas that are unique in the market, are of highest quality and offer tangible value to end customers. We work closely with our partners, associates and third party resources to provide a focused yet flexible approach to business issues in order to provide the greatest likelihood of long-term success.



NCB implemented continuously with remarkable success, the in stores demos in the framework of the European program: European Currants ‘The queen of Taste’ in the USA market.

2015 - 2017

NCB implemented in stores demos in the USA market under the framework of European program ‘Great Flavors’ for PDO Feta cheese.

2018 - 2019

NCB implemented “In stores demos” within the framework of the “European PDO products: “Precious Drops promotion program” for Chios Mastiha in the USA market